Lemonade Student Ambassador Program

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Lemonade Student Ambassador Program. This program is for influential students like you across Canada and offers the opportunity to partner with Lemonade Finance to be part of our unique brand story. For all the students who join this program, the value is clear – the opportunity to impact how banking will work for Africans abroad.

One immediate reality for Africans who travel abroad to study is the difficulty of sending and receiving money from home. Existing transfer and remittance solutions face three problems: slow, inefficient, and unfavourable rates. These solutions also ignore the fact that many African students have businesses back home. So what makes a big difference for Africans abroad? The ability to hold and transfer money in the currencies that matter to them. This is why we created Lemonade Finance because sending and receiving money from home should be faster than making Lemonade.

We have seen remarkable progress since we launched the Lemonade Finance app, with thousands of users who use the app. Femi, a Nigerian who lives in Canada, tells us that he considers the Lemonade app a lifesaver. Yet, users like Femi are part of a few people who can access the Lemonade app, mainly because we have been working to improve the app better. Despite trying to build silently, we’ve found a community of influential students who have helped us spread the word.

These students will now be part of an exclusive community called The Lemonade Student Ambassador Program. Beyond the conversations our ambassadors will kickstart, one of the best things about being a Lemonade Student Ambassador is the opportunity to earn big with our exclusive referral program for students. Our ambassadors will share content, engage with brand representatives for exclusive brand promotions, and host Lemonade activation in their respective cities across Canada.

Our student ambassadors join a pathway to internships and future employment at Lemonade Finance. It is why we are confident that becoming an ambassador is a crucial opportunity for the brightest and best students.

This program is only open to students currently enrolled in a degree or diploma program in Canada.

Follow the link below to join the Lemonade Student Ambassadorship program today — JOIN NOW

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