Celebrating the Lemonade Finance Support team

Celebrating the Lemonade Finance Support team

It’s Customer Service Week for 2022, and just like last year, we have to remind everyone that this week is really about a special set of superheroes: the customer service team. Nope, this one is not for you or other customers. You’re right every other day, so you’re just going to have to let the Customer Service team enjoy this one.

Apart from slapping the faces of the Lemonade Customer Support team in a rather nice-looking image to show that they’re the heart and soul of the company, we thought to ask them about some of the more hilarious parts of their job. When you speak to people all day, there’s the thrill of helping people solve problems or even some adrenaline that comes from fighting fires. 

Yet, the hours are sometimes long, and even for the strongest people, there are some challenging moments. In moments like this, humour sometimes helps to keep your energy up. So we compiled this list of hilarious moments and experiences from the Lemonade Finance Customer Experience team:

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1. The party invitation

One time, I was helping a customer with a pending transaction who was understandably upset that the issue couldn’t be resolved immediately. We did a bit of troubleshooting and we figured out the problem, but not before she insulted me over the issue. When we fixed the issue, she asked me to attend her daughter’s birthday party! I guess that was her way of apologising.

Lemonade Finance Support team

2. Much ado about nothing 

One customer called me in a bit of a panic because she had done a transfer and she couldn’t find her money. I could tell she was super worried and it was difficult to interrupt her while she kept talking. Eventually, when she allowed me to get a word in, I pointed out to her that she hadn’t in fact initiated a transfer and that the money was all still in her wallet. There was a moment of awkward silence before she hung up.

3. People want more than an apology

In this job, you learn quickly that people want more than an apology if something goes wrong. The week where we had way more customers signing up than we could have prepared for, I apologised over 500 times. At some point, I was googling “thoughtful ways to apologise.” One customer even told me, “I’ve accepted your apology, so when will this issue be resolved?” 

That question had me googling, “creative ways to tell a customer that you don’t know the answer to their question.”

Lemonade Finance Support team


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4. Very smart question

Told a customer all hands were on deck, and he asked me how many hands.

Lemonade Finance Support team

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5. Let’s talk to the man in charge 

A lot of times, people want the feeling that the most senior member of the team is helping out with a complaint they have. So one thing you’ll get a lot is people asking to speak to a manager or the CEO. The one that takes the cake for me is the customer who specifically asked to speak to “the person that can move heaven and earth!” 

When all is said and done, we know that customers want quick resolution to their issues, and want a helpful voice on the other end of the line. Our commitment to serving you remains at the top of our minds and our goal is to deliver the best level of customer service possible. Remember to also share a warm greeting with a customer support staff today! 


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