Thanks to a new integration, Lemonade users in the U.K and Canada can now send money to ten African countries thanks to the addition of Senegal, Ivory Coast, Benin Republic, Cameroon, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. This new integration opens Lemonade Finance to a larger share of the African market, and cements our promise to build the biggest neobank for African immigrants. 

The addition of these six countries is a major milestone for us and it’s been at the top of our priorities since we launched Lemonade Finance: to make sure that Africans in diaspora can easily send money to their families back home with no hassles. It’s one of the ways immigrants can maintain a strong connection with the people in their lives. With Lemonade, someone in Canada can send money to someone in Senegal. It’s fast, easy and at the lowest possible rates.

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How did we decide to add these seven African countries?

Afeez Gbotosho, Lemonade’s head of products, had a lot to say about the decision to integrate with six new countries. “The addition of Senegal, Ivory Coast, Benin Republic, Cameroon, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda was data-driven,” he said. “These six countries have nationals abroad who often need to send money back home.”

But knowing what the data said was one thing—actually making it happen was another. “The integration took fairly long because of quality assurance and integration certification,” Afeez said. “We have a quality assurance process that we follow for all integrations. For Africa integrations, we also have an integration certification process which involves a fair bit of documentation.”

We believe strongly in the way we’re approaching the provision of banking services for African immigrants, and will continue executing our plan to be a global neobank for Africans abroad. As we continue to grow our global presence, we will continue to focus on evaluating our data to identify countries that would be beneficial to integrate. Until then, we welcome all the nationals of our six new countries onboard and we invite them to send money home right away when you download the Lemonade app on Google Playstore and App store. We also have some news from our engineering team.

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Quicker transfers with our new processes  

We know instant transfers are a big part of the Lemonade promise and we’re always working on ways to make them faster. The latest update to the app will make transfers faster and more efficient. If you’re one for technical details, the gist of it is that we have now merged all the corridors we support into a single service endpoint.

If you’re like me and don’t care too much about the technical details, you can test out our super fast process by sending money home now and let us know if it checks out.  


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